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These sections below are a list of the Computer Science and Data Analytics courses I have successfully completed.

Computer Science

CS 110 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

CS 210 Data Structures 

CS 220 Foundations of Computer Science 

CS 255 Computer Organization

Math 111 Calculus 2

CS 270 Paradigms of Computation 

CS 340 Artificial Intelligence 

CS 360 Algorithm Design 

CS 310 Relational Databases

CS 380 Theory of Computation

CS 490 Independent Study 


Data Analytics

DATA 110 Intro Data Analytics

CS 300 Data Mining & Machine Learning

ENG 312 Writing for the sciences 

MATH 230 Applied Statistics

DATA 300_1 - Social,Cultural & Ethical Impact of Big Data

DATA 300_2 Data Vizualitation 

DATA 300_3 Methods in Data Analytics

DATA 400 - Capstone

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